Welcome to Second Class stamp!

Welcome to our website and what we hope is a useful resource for anyone interested in UK second class stamps.

This site was created specifically to chronicle the cost of UK second class stamps as we found that all too often the question of ‘how much is a second class stamp’ was one that we needed to look up. In fact if you’ve got this far the chances are you’ve asked exactly that question!

So for now we can say that it’s 54p in the UK, although you’d be hard presses to say if you have an NVI (No Value Indicator) version of the stamp such as the one in the background of this website.

NVI’s were introduced in the early 2000’s as a means of optimising stamp production as it made no sense to create a new value stamp every time the rate went up (which was pretty much every year) hence the NVI’s came into being.

Anyway enjoy the website and please feel free to send us feedback if there’s anything you would like to see added?

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