Second class postage prices to go up in March 2016

Royal Mail has announced that they will be raising the price of a second class stamp on 29th March 2016 from 54p to 55p. The 1p rise is also accompanied by a corresponding 1p rise to the price of first class stamps.

The 1p rise is a welcome relief for many businesses and consumers who now rely on 2nd class stamps to mail out their correspondence and who had feared that Royal Mail would hike the prices as they had in previous years. This year’s rise is just under 2%, in line with 2014/15 and well below the 6% between 2013/14.

Business in the UK relies on the second class stamp as the workhorse for everyday mail. Still the biggest selling stamp, the provision of a second class stamp and the service behind it remains a cornerstone of business and personal correspondence in the UK.

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